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Winter storageNews of 10/06/2018

Some works for the winter storage of your boat and engine

I. Engine, Fuel system & steering system

  1. Flush the engine with freshwater. Let the engine run for 5-10 minutes, flushing it with fresh water. Use the motor flusher.
  2. Brush the spark plug threads with a wire brush, if necessary replace them. A wide range of spark plugs you will find here, if yours is not there, please contact us.
  3. Check the impeller and the anodes inside and outside the engine, if you need help, please contact a certificated workshop in your area or contact us by phone +30 22380 31825. We are dealing with spare parts of almost all outboards and a lot of sterndrives and inboard engines. Simply ask us.
  4. Check the tank. Replace it in case of damages.
  5. Check the propeller. Imbalances can cause damages in the gear drive. We offer you genuine propellers and high quality non-OEM propellers. Please contact us so we can inform you about what pitch is the right one for your boat and your needs or use the Mercury Marine Prop Selector.
  6. Lubricating the steering system. Use the right grease for the lubricating.
  7. Small scratches in the engine'ssurface you can vanish with the suitable colour spray.
  8. Fuel system. Add a fuel stabilizer and let the engine run so the stabilizer can circulate within the entire engine. After that cut the fuel supply and let the engine to exhaust. Empty the tank and clean it with little fuel. Next season use new fuel, because stored fuel “grow old” and can cause problems.
  9. Check the filter of the fuel water separator, if necessary replace it.
  10. To protect the interior of the engine use a storage seal, that prevents rust.
  11. It is necessary to change the gear lube before you storage the engine. Please look carefully if there is any water within the gear lube. If yes, the engine has to be inspected by a certified technician. For bigger engines we can offer you gear lube in 1lt bottles, for an easy placement please use our gear lube pump.
  12. Oil in 2-stroke engines. Fill the oil tank if you have an self-mix engine to prevent the tank from moisture.
  13. Oil in 4-stroke engines. Change the oil and the oil filter before storageing the engine. To change the oil easily we can offer you our special oil pump.
  14. Please do not use oil from old open bottles.
  15. For the entire protection of the whole engine use a silicone spray or our recommended Corrosion Guard, which forms a water resistant barrier on the surface.

       Please read the instructions of the manufacturer!


II. Batteries and contacts

  1. Disconnect the battery either by switching off the battery switch or using the quick release battery connectors.
  2. Brush the battery terminals with a special terminal brush.
  3. Store the battery in a dry place where there will be no danger of freezing.
  4. Check regularly the battery charge and the electrolyte quantity.
  5. Charge the battery every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid the sulphation of the plates which can cause problems to the battery.
  6. Clean rusty electric connections of the boat and protect them with a special spray. Ask us for electric components like connections, terminals, cables, insulating tapes, relays, bulbs, switches, etc.


III. Boat

  1. Wash the boat with fresh water using the FLOW THRU system for a better result, after that clean it with a special boat shampoo.
  2. After the cleaning polish the boat with a marine polish which forms a film to protect the surface.
  3. To clean the bilge from oil, lubrications, dirt, etc. we recommend you a emulsifying cleaner for bilge and engine compartments.
  4. Small damages you can repair yourself with Marine filler, Glass fiber paste and Gelcoat filler. After installing constructions with screws do not forget to seal them with silicone. For a better result use the caulking gun.
  5. To avoid moisture, microbes and fungi in cabin boats we offer you a moisture absorber and a disposable hygenizer.
  6. Clean and check the boat and engine covers, seats and tents. If necessary, replace them. If you need larger covers please ask us.


IV. Inflatable boats

  1. Wash the boat with fresh water using the FLOW THRU system for a better result, after this clean smuts with a special shampoo for inflatable boats.
  2. Then applicate a rubber protective to protect the rubber surface.
  3. Check the valves, if necessary replace them.
  4. It is better to repair small damages in the rubber as soon as possible.  We can offer you special repair kits for inflatables of PVC and of neoprene.


For any question, please contact us by phone +30 22380 31825 or by e-mail

Have a nice winter!


New models Mercury RacingNews of 06/03/2018

Mercury Racing 250R & 300R. Powerful. Fast. Efficient. 


Take a look at the engines in operation:


Download the brochure

New models TohatsuNews of 01/03/2018

New models Tohatsu

4-stroke engines MFS15/20HP EFI

The world's lightest 20HP & 15HP outboards it its class, designed with battery-less Electronic Fuel lnjection. New innovations allowed Tohatsu Corporation to build the lightest weight outboard in its class, featuring excellent performance with low noise, low vibration, and ease of use.

Look here for further information.


4-stroke engines MFS40/50AW

MFS40/50AW are now available in white, called "White Beluga". The new color is suited very well to high-value vessels. The Beluga white looks more beautiful, cleaner and more stylish. ETL (Starter, Power Trim & Tilt, Long Shaft) is available for MFS40/50AW.

See all the engines in operation:

Aluminium boatsNews of 02/01/2017

After our visit at the exhibition BOOT in Duesseldorf, we want to introduce to you aluminium boats and their advantages. Aluminium boats are light, some models can even be transported on a car roof. Because of their low weight they can reach high speeds with small engines. These boats offer a maximum of stability and are unsinkable. They are made of the hardest H36 Grade aluminium. The boats resist a crash with rocks and pulling them over a hard surface. All materials are 100% recyclable. These aluminium boats have been used for many years at sea in France and Italy. So they are well tested even in difficult conditions. Equipped with special anodes you do not have to fear electrolysis. There is a big model and equipment range for every neeed. Download HERE the brochure and take a look. For more information please contact us by phone +30 22380 31825 or by e-mail:

Please take a look on this aluminium boat: MARINE 450U SC DLX






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